8 Most Effective Silverfish Repellents To Use This Summer

Pests are everywhere and the pests and insects would find comfort inside your home. You must check out for the best service which will help you to clear off the pests from your home. There are some other effective remedies too that you can use. Just check out what all things would repel silverfish. So, these things will help you in silverfish control. Eggshells can be used as organic pest control to get rid of pesky creatures. Surprised? Well, now you can re-use the eggshells instead of simply throwing them away. The eggshells are an effective means of pest control for dealing with slugs, flea beetles, and snails.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

If you see silverfish infestation in summer and you think about why this has happened, you will have to do something about the same quickly. If you have diatomaceous earth handy then you should sprinkle the same in the areas where you see the infestation. So, this will kill the silverfish and then soon infestation during summer will reduce.

Use Essential Oil Spray For The Silverfish Infestation

The best repellent essential oils are peppermint oil and cedar oil. You can use these in the corners of your home. You will see that there will be no insects in your home. There will be no silverfish either.

Make Your Home Humidity Free

There’s one more way to repel the silverfish and this is, reducing the levels of humidity in your home. This can work as a repellent during summer. You can even add a dehumidifier to your home.

Baking Soda Powder In The Areas Of Infestation

If you happen to see silverfish on your premises and you wish to get rid of the same, then you should use baking soda powder. So, this will ensure that there will be no silverfish in your area.

Boric Acid

There’s one more thing called boric acid powder which works as a good repellent against silverfish for summer.

Vinegar Spray

If you use vinegar spray in the summer then you can prevent and cure the silverfish infestation in your home.

Do Vacuum Cleaning Every Day

If you do vacuum cleaning every day then there will be freedom from dust and all sorts of pests. This will help in fighting off silverfish too.

Cream Of Tartar

You can apply cream of tartar in some areas of your home where there is a silverfish infestation. So, this will ensure that you get freedom from these pests.

With the above 8 remedies, it will be possible that you can stay away from pest issues. The pests and insects like silverfish would go away when they get some typical smell. So, you can use these methods for residential pest control.


You may see silverfish anywhere and this can create issues. You must know how you can keep up with the basic solutions. The remedies to repel the pests can give you better solutions. Try your best and keep an eye on how you need to take the relevant measures. If you think that you want to get rid of pests with home remedies then you can follow the above 8 effective pest treatment remedies for silverfish control. So, it will give you wonderful results and make your life better and pest free.

Top Reasons Your Home Attracts Rodents

It is important to understand a few factors that would attract rodents into your home. Well, they are for cosiness, food, and shelter. If your home provides such things and facilities then it would become an attraction point for the same. So, get in touch with the right techniques that will help in rodent control.

Top Reasons your home attracts rodents

1.Your Pipes Are Leaking And These Provide The Rodents With The Required Moisture And Water

You must check the pipes in your home. If they are leaking then you must immediately get them repaired. You may not even know that they could attract rodents to your house. If at all you find such things, be sure that you make your home pest-proof or rodent-proof.

2.Having Indoor Vegetation

If you are looking forward to making your home rodent-proof then you will have to be clear about keeping the home clutter-free. Remember, along with clutter there would also be indoor plants and vegetation which can be an attraction point for the rodents. To achieve complete pest solutions in rodent control, you will have to keep your home free from plants.

3.The Gaps And Cracks In Your Home

If there are gaps and cracks in your home then this can be one of the entry points for rodents. A home that has many open spaces would attract rats, mice, and possums. You should take good care to avoid such a situation. So, seal them properly and make your home rodent-proof.

4.Your Home Has No Preventive Pest Control

If your home has no preventive pest control solutions then it would attract rodents, insects, and pests. There would be so many things that would attract pests into your home. Try to keep such a situation under control. The first thing that you must do is get ahead with preventive pest control and that will make the home free from rodents.

5.Food Is Easily Available To The Pests

You have the habit of keeping the food containers open or the food plates open. When food is easily available to the rodents, they would get attracted to the premise. Rodents would get used to coming to your place and staying there if they find comfort over there. So, to remove them your main consideration should be to keep longing for such things. There should be a hostile environment in your home and there should be measures too to control or catch the rodents. If they realise that you want to catch hold of them, they will not return to your place.


You should take the basic steps that will help you in making your task simple. Rodents can create problems in your home and they can spread sickness too. Be ready to take charge of these things and solve the problem soon. Keeping the home cluttered can be something you might not look out for. So, be clear about your plans and also call for a reliable pest control company. This is an important thing for sure. 

What Are Wood Ants And How To Get Rid Of Them

Just think that you are sitting up on an old bench or you are leaning against a tree on which ants are lurking. Well, for many people it is a reality all over the world. They are facing the problem of wood ants infestation. Their infestation is nothing less than any nightmare, after their infestation at home, ant control treatment is important.

The carpenter ants are very common and they are found all around the world. You will be surprised to know that there are around 18 species of carpenter ants living in the world. But mostly black wood ants infest at home. The ants are generally found in outdoor woods or trees, but they infest homes too.

Wood ants infestation is very difficult to understand as they also damage wooden furniture like termites, so, to do ant control it is very important that you identify them correctly first. After that, you call professional pest control to get rid of them.

Ant Control
Ant Control

How to identify wood ants?

The scientific name of carpenter or wood ants is Camponotus pennsylvanicus and in size, they are not more than half inches long, they have reddish-brown heads or black abdomen. And worker ants have a yellowish texture on their body. They have antennae, elbows and pinched waists and they bite too. If you pay close attention to the damaged spot of the wood, then, you will easily be able to identify them. Before doing ant control at home, you need to identify them properly.

Damage to look for

You need to remember that ants are not termites, they don’t eat wood and don’t even damage the woods as much as termites. But, wood ants generally make their home in the damaged area of the wood. Outdoor you can notice they nest in old stumps, wood piles, or rotting fences. And, indoors you can notice their infestation in walls, crevices, doors, or in many other places.

Wood ant control

Ant control is not at all an easy task as it is difficult to locate their nests. If you are unable to find their colony or identify their infestation, then, it would be better if you call professional pest control as soon as you can, so that you don’t do any severe damage to your property which can cost you a lot of money to repair.

If you have found their infestation or nests, then you can use ant bait to do ant control, but wood ants are smart creatures, so they don’t get easily trapped. So, the best will be if you hire professional pest control.

Affordable pest control services have trained professionals who know to free your home from nasty pests without causing any damage. So, they are reliable, and you can trust them.


So, these are some of the things which you needed to know before doing ant control. For ant control, hire pest control services, they will help you to get rid of them.

2 Most Common And Unwelcomed Ants You Need To Remove

It is always better to have some better knowledge about the pests that might bother you. So, if you are keen to know which are the two most common and unwelcomed ant species then here’s the information about the same. Having an idea can help you to finalize whether you need to check out a Ant control service or not.

Ant Control

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are quite deadly because they affect the structure of your home. If you come across a few signs that show that you have these in your home then you will have to call a reliable and professional pest control company. Just call them for pest treatment and inspection and they will do the needful.

The carpenter ants would eat the wood and would give out frass. They would damage the furniture or the structure completely. If you identify a colony as your place then you will see that there would be mature carpenter ants, queen, worker ants, and even the winged ones. Sometimes, they look like termites. But when you compare the color and tone you will realize that the carpenter ants are darker in color than the termites.

Pavement ants

These ants are fine when they are outside your house. But they may have an infestation in the garden and even in the backyard. You must take relevant measures wherein you can get rid of these when they enter your home. They would be in multiple numbers and hence it would be tough to handle things when they come to your home in large numbers. They may also sting you if you tried harming them. So, this specie is unwelcome and it needs to be controlled.

Thankfully, if you get pest control done in your home, you will be able to get the best solutions. Having pests at home can create a lot of havoc in your place. It is therefore vital that you take the right measures and make the relevant choices. Take help if a residential pest control company can provide you with a good amount of relief. You should get the pest control treatment done on the home interior, exterior, the garden, and the backyard too.

The above-mentioned species are unwelcomed because they can create issues in normal living conditions. Any kind of pest that would disturb your life would create issues and hence you need to be clear about getting the best solutions.


If your home has been covered under pest treatment then it is a good way to get prevention. If you have still not done the pest treatments then you should contact a reliable and reputable pest control service that will help in providing an idea about pest infestation. The experts will come to your premise and will check the problems. This will help you in making your life easy. Pests like the above ant species tend to create problems in your life. There are many types of ants that are there. You need to find the right way to get rid of them.

Using Eggshells As Organic Pest Control

Do you want to get rid of the pest causing damage to your garden? Well, there are various ways that you can get rid of these pests. But did you know that there is an easily available organic pest control method?

Eggshells can be used as organic pest control to get rid of pesky creatures. Surprised? Well, now you can re-use the eggshells instead of simply throwing them away. The eggshells are an effective means of pest control for dealing with slugs, flea beetles, and snails.

How to use eggshells for getting rid of pests?

To use eggshells for pest eradication, you need to follow the steps listed below. These are –

1. Cleaning the eggshells

The first step that you need to follow to using eggshells is cleaning them. For this, you can simply use water. If the eggshells have plenty of egg whites or yolk inside the shells, then you can rinse them with water. However, if they are more or less clean, there is no need to clean the eggshells. Here, it is vital to note that the pungent odour might become troublesome. You have no choice but to simply tolerate it.

After cleaning the eggshells, you must proceed to the next step – drying.

2. Drying the eggshells

Drying the eggshells is essential before grinding them. There is no way that you can skip this particular step.

There are various methods that you can adapt to dry the eggshells. For instance, if you have fewer eggshells, you can simply put them on a paper towel and lay them on the counter. After some days, you will find that the eggshells have dried.

However, if you have a large number of eggshells and cannot simply lay them on the counter, then you can use a paper bag. Put them inside the bag, and then they will dry within a few days. If you toss them inside the paper bag, make sure that they do not stack. If they do, the moisture retained will not allow complete drying.

3. Grinding the eggshells

The reason why drying the eggshells is so important is because drying causes them to become brittle. Then, it becomes easy to grind them into fine pieces.

For grinding the eggshells, you can use a coffee grinder. However, you can also opt for a food chopper. Keep in mind that the food chopper will give you big pieces of eggshells when compared to the coffee grinder.

The best way to proceed is to crush the eggshells before putting them inside the coffee grinder. That way, you can fit in more at a time. After you grind the eggshells, you will get a satisfactory amount of powdered eggshells.

4. Applying

Now that you have ground the eggshells into powdered form, you can use them for pest control. Take a generous amount of the powdered eggshells and sprinkle them over the pest directly. When you sprinkle them over the pests, they die or move away. Either way, you get rid of them.

However, the eggshells can also harm the beneficial organism. That is why you can’t sprinkle the powder all over the garden. If you are not careful, you may end up killing the advantageous organisms.

To get rid of the slugs, snails, and ants, you can sprinkle the powdered eggshell around the bottom of the plant. However, you will need to reapply if there is a heavy downpour.

Apart from getting rid of the pests, the powdered eggshell can also aid in enriching the soil by adding calcium to it.

5. Storing the eggshells

The only thing you need to keep in mind while storing the eggshells in powder form is that they must be dry. For that, you can put them in a dry container and keep them in a place where there is no chance of them getting wet.

You can keep the container containing the powdered eggshells in the garage, pantry, or even the freezer.

Still, having pest troubles? Contact us now!

The presence of numerous pests can cause a great deal of nuisance. If you have a garden, then the occurrence of pests such as snails and slugs can hamper your plants. For this, you can use organic means of pest control. One of the best solutions is the use of eggshells. You don’t even have to invest in purchasing them. However, if the pest trouble still persists, you must call in the experts.

Pest Control Nundah is a top-rated pest control service provider. We have a team of skilled and experienced pest control experts with up-to-date training. Moreover, to attain customer satisfaction, we use top-grade tools and machinery. You can definitely count on us to get rid of the pests. We also charge affordable price rates and are open 24/7. Get in touch with us, and we will be there to assist you!