8 Most Effective Silverfish Repellents To Use This Summer

Pests are everywhere and the pests and insects would find comfort inside your home. You must check out for the best service which will help you to clear off the pests from your home. There are some other effective remedies too that you can use. Just check out what all things would repel silverfish. So, these things will help you in silverfish control. Eggshells can be used as organic pest control to get rid of pesky creatures. Surprised? Well, now you can re-use the eggshells instead of simply throwing them away. The eggshells are an effective means of pest control for dealing with slugs, flea beetles, and snails.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

If you see silverfish infestation in summer and you think about why this has happened, you will have to do something about the same quickly. If you have diatomaceous earth handy then you should sprinkle the same in the areas where you see the infestation. So, this will kill the silverfish and then soon infestation during summer will reduce.

Use Essential Oil Spray For The Silverfish Infestation

The best repellent essential oils are peppermint oil and cedar oil. You can use these in the corners of your home. You will see that there will be no insects in your home. There will be no silverfish either.

Make Your Home Humidity Free

There’s one more way to repel the silverfish and this is, reducing the levels of humidity in your home. This can work as a repellent during summer. You can even add a dehumidifier to your home.

Baking Soda Powder In The Areas Of Infestation

If you happen to see silverfish on your premises and you wish to get rid of the same, then you should use baking soda powder. So, this will ensure that there will be no silverfish in your area.

Boric Acid

There’s one more thing called boric acid powder which works as a good repellent against silverfish for summer.

Vinegar Spray

If you use vinegar spray in the summer then you can prevent and cure the silverfish infestation in your home.

Do Vacuum Cleaning Every Day

If you do vacuum cleaning every day then there will be freedom from dust and all sorts of pests. This will help in fighting off silverfish too.

Cream Of Tartar

You can apply cream of tartar in some areas of your home where there is a silverfish infestation. So, this will ensure that you get freedom from these pests.

With the above 8 remedies, it will be possible that you can stay away from pest issues. The pests and insects like silverfish would go away when they get some typical smell. So, you can use these methods for residential pest control.


You may see silverfish anywhere and this can create issues. You must know how you can keep up with the basic solutions. The remedies to repel the pests can give you better solutions. Try your best and keep an eye on how you need to take the relevant measures. If you think that you want to get rid of pests with home remedies then you can follow the above 8 effective pest treatment remedies for silverfish control. So, it will give you wonderful results and make your life better and pest free.